GRE classes at SLIG

GRE classes at SLIG are taught by expert teachers. Our Verbal Reasoning and AWA teacher has 22 years of experience teaching the GRE and has been an integral part of hundreds of GRE success stories. Vocabulary is still very important in the GRE and we ensure that you go away with a vocabulary enriched by 500 most valuable GRE words with our mnemonics in the classroom.

The most important features of the GRE classes at SLIG are as follows:
  • Comprehensive approach to theory
  • Excellent strategy for individual question types
  • 20 new words learnt every day
  • Excellent pacing strategies

Candidates can appear for the test as many times as they want, but not more than twice in a 30-day window.

SLIG Online
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  • E-Mail assignments sent to students every class day
  • E-Library with a truly vast collection of e-books and videos
  • E-Practice Center- part of our website and a great virtual space to practice skills you have learnt in class
  • Video Lessons- available on this site and our official YouTube channel
Analytic Writing 2 essays, 30 minutes each
The writing section of the GRE is meant to measure your analytical reasoning, organization, and analysis skills. The two essays include an issue essay and an argument essay. There are no right or wrong answers to the essay questions, and the essays will be read and scored by 2 (and possibly 3) readers. For more information about the essay section, and for writing tips, go to the essay tutorial section
Break: 10 minutes
Verbal Reasoning Two sections each with 20 questions, 30 minutes for each section
Each section includes a mix of reading comprehension question, text completion, and sentence equivalence questions. Reading comprehension questions are either single answer, multiple answers, or select in the passage, while text completion questions will have either one, two, or three blanks. For more information on each of these question types, please see that tutorial section.
Quantitative Reasoning Two sections each with 20 questions, 35 minutes for each section
Each quantitative reasoning section (also commonly called the "Math GRE sections") contains a mix of multiple choice, quantitative analysis, and user input questions. For more information about the quantitative reasoning questions, proceed to the appropriate tutorial.

Unscored Section*

An experimental section that will either be a math or a verbal section may also be included on the exam. You will know if you were given a math or verbal experimental section because you will have two of those sections during the test, but you won’t know which of two identical sections will be experimental. The experimental section does not count toward your score and is used by ETS to try out new questions for possible use in future exams

In the above example, the unscored section is the last section, but the order of the sections can be any of several combinations. For example, your exam may be math-verbal-math-verbal-unscored, or verbal-math-unscored-math-verbal, etc.
  • E-Library for downloading GRE e-books
  • E-Practice with 4000 GRE questions
  • Lab and Library every day