Secured life International Group pvt. ltd. is committed to providing you a great and a different studying experience with ensured results. This course is suitable for students, House Wives or absolute beginners. This course is an introduction to the basic vocabulary and grammar through which you can attain the skills required to start the next stage of learning English

Basic of English Grammar:

This course of basic spoken English lays a strong foundation for good English and gives you an idea what grammar is about.

Hi All, We are glad to inform that we have started physical as well as online Spoken English classes in Secured Life International, Chabahil. Please visit our office or contact us at +977-9841412636 for more details.

Topics covered in this course:

  • 1) Letters
  • 2) Syllables
  • 3) Spelling
  • 4) Reading and writing
  • 5) Parts of Speech:
    • Noun: types of nouns, singular and plural nouns, masculine and feminine nouns
    • Pronoun: case
    • Adjective: comparative and superlative adjectives
    • Verb: action verbs
    • Adverb
    • Preposition
    • Conjunction
    • Interjection
  • 6) The sentence subject and predicate
  • 7) Usage of article
  • 8) Punctuation, capitalization, commas etc
  • 9) Verb Tenses
  • 10) Auxiliary verbs

Conversation Practice:

Basic Spoken English conversation helps beginners to build Basic Spoken English skills. Each conversation group includes a few short conversations introducing Basic English phrases, expressions and selected vocabulary. These short dialogues are ideal as models for beginners to begin speaking English, build confidence, reduce fear and overcome the difficulties in carrying on a conversation.

Group Activities:

Learning Spoken English is very easy, if we enjoy doing it. In-fact everything is easy in this world, if we love to do it. To improve your spoken English you need to enjoy the learning process. The best way to learn Basic Spoken English is by good learning activities.

We welcome you to the English language course at Secured Life International and speak English fluently within 2 months.

Online Japanese Classes

This Online Japanese classes will teach you about the complete fundamental aspects of the Japanese language. All levels will be conducted through online as well as off line classes. For all these levels which are Japanese N5, N4, N3, N2 and N1 we are using standard study material like Minna no Nihongo which gives you knowledge about Japanese language, you can understand the grammar, Japanese script (Hiragana, Katagana and Kanji), how to interact with people with basic conversation to complex sentence creation, you will also know about Japanese culture, food, living style of Japanese people etc. Online Japanese Classes or off line classes will be taken our expert trainers. Classes will be taken group or individual for online classes we use zoom animated video software to develop your learning skills

Why you learn the Japanese through Online or Offline?

Learning Japanese language has more useful than just opening up the option to travel purpose. Learning more than one language could help and improve the effects of mental aging. On the business side, Japan is a leader in the technical industry. Whether it’s physical benefits or your career purpose, learning Japanese language is worth it. The writing system is difficult and Japanese grammar can be unusual for English speakers but the payoff is extraordinary in expanding your language skills. Tokyo is a very popular in industry, education, and food. If you take the time to learn a new communication skill, it opens up travel or business relationships. Learning the written language could be extremely beneficial for those of you in international business or research. Japanese has several systems of writing, including Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji. It’s been influenced by Chinese characters, but it has a different language family. It shows some similarities with Altaic Languages but belongs officially to the Austronesian language family. Japanese speakers have influenced world culture for generations, and the language has also had effects on certain parts of the United States. Now it is a great time to begin online Japanese classes.

Japanese Lessons, Courses and Certifications

If you want to learn Japanese language for career or some other reason Indian Institute of Foreign Languages can help you to achieve language proficiency. You’ll learn Japanese language sentence structure, phrases and verbs in addition to critical aspects of culture. Once you learned at least intermediate level then your are able to pronounce the way how the native speakers speaks. Soon you will sound like a native Japanese speaker at an intermediate level. If you want to go beyond language uses, you can learn about modern Japanese culture, the Japanese writing system, and how Japan has influenced and been influenced by other cultures. Culture can be an essential part of learning these major languages so you can increase the chances you remember what you’ve learned.

Levels of Training in Japanese Language:

Japanese is known as “Nihongo” in Japanese script. There are three different kinds of scripts in Japanese language that is Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Japanese language is divided into 5 levels like N5, N4, N3, N2 & N1. N5 is a basic level, N4 is an elementary level, N3 is an intermediate level, N2 is Pre-Advanced level and N1 is an Advanced Level.

Japanese language is written in two directions, horizontal writing and traditional writing. Horizontal writing is written like as in western style, traditional writing is written from the write to left bottom.

About N5 Level:
Basic of English Grammar:

N5 level is a beginner level. Initially 110 kanjis which consist of 800 vocabularies, Hiragana and Katakana characters are taught in N5 level. In this level simple sentence formation and basic phrases will also be taught. At the end of N5 level an individual will be able to greet and simple sentence formation can be done.

Particulars Details
Language Japanese
Level N5
Course Fees for Japanese N5 Level Rs. 13,800/-
Course Duration 60 Hours
Modules covered in Japanese Language Listening & Reading
Study Material Provided at Secured life International Group pvt Study material cost is included in the fees. It includes:
Translation and Grammatical Notes in English
Hiragana Worksheets
Katakana Worksheets
Kanji Book
Examination Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) conducted Japan Foundation
Frequency of Examination JLPT conducts examination yearly twice in the month of July and December
Exam Preparation Students will be prepared for JLPT examination by conducting test after completion of course. Model test papers will be solved at the end of the session.
Certification Study material for Japanese N5 level is inclusive of course fee. Previous model question papers will be solved at the end of the session.
Study Material for Japanese N5 Level Examination Indian Institute of Foreign Languages will provide course completion certificate at the end of course completion. And even it is suggested to take examination from Japanese Language Proficiency Test from Japan Foundation.
Introduction to The Chinese Language

The Chinese language forms a group of related and majorly mutually unintelligible language varieties, forming the Sinitic branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family. It's spoken by Han in the majority and some ethnic groups of China in minority. Around 16% of the world's population speaks some form of Chinese language as their first language.

The Chinese language consists of many spoken varieties which are mutually unintelligible to their respective speakers. These differ about the same extent as the modern Romance languages and significant differences are pronunciation and vocabulary and few grammatical differences. The languages include Mandarin in the northern, central, and western China; Wu; Northern and Southern Min; Gan (Kan); Hakka (Keija); and Xiang; and Cantonese (Yue) in the Southeastern parts of China.

However, all Chinese languages share a common literary language (wenyan) that are written in characters and based on a common body of literature. The literary language doesn't have a single pronunciation standard and the speaker reads according to the pronunciation rules of their respective languages.

In the early 1900s, national language unification program was held that was based on Mandarin and resulted in the Modern Standard Chinese.
In 1956, Pinyin that's based on the pronunciation of characters in the Beijing dialect was adopted as an educational instrument to help spread the modern standard language. It got modified in the year 1958 and was formally prescribed in the year 1979 for use in all diplomatic documents and foreign-language publications in English-speaking countries.

Want to learn the French language at best language institute? If yes, then Training Nepal is the best language institute you can get in Kathmandu valley.

At Secured Life International, we offer French language course which will enable you to speak and understand the French language as if you were born French. During the course, we provide you with comprehensive ideas and resources that will upgrade your French language skills in the learning process. What makes Training Nepal stand out from others in the market is the way we let our students practice the language using real-life scenarios or simply adopting a more practical approach rather than the formal way of using French and this has been really helpful to our past students in their life ahead.

Why Learn The French Language?

French is spoken by millions of people around the world. It’s a native language of France, but it’s spoken by many in Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, different parts of Africa, French Pacific territories, USA, Belgium, etc. Thus due to a large majority of people speaking French around these parts of the world, learning French can be helpful while travelling to these countries.

Who Can Join This Class?

The classes can be joined by beginners who want to communicate in the French language.

Why French Language at Training Nepal?

First and foremost, you should know that there are no shortcuts to learning a new language. It requires sincerity and patience to learn something that you are never used. There are, however, few techniques that will expedite your learning process.

  • In Training Nepal, we provide you with various tips and ideas to practice French every day.
  • Students will learn various aspects of French languages like French grammar and vocabulary with a series of grammar lessons, grammar books, newsletters, online forums, etc.
  • We will provide various journals in French to improve readability. We encourage students to practice reading and writing on the forum. It is a place where students can ask questions and create a discussion on various topics.
  • There are various lessons on speaking French and improving French pronunciation with audio and video presentations. We will also provide a series of sound files, audio magazines, transcripts and translations for improving listening.
  • Please visit our training institute to know more about learning the French language.

German language or Deutsch is one of most spoken languages in the world. Whatever is your reason for choosing to learn the German language…either that maybe for the fluent communication purpose with your German friends or to visit German for business purposes or just preparing for study in German-speaking country, you can have your language classes at Secured Life International for the best outcome.

At Secured Life International, you will be taught by experts in the respective areas. We not only guide through our lectures of speaking and writing of German language, we will also provide the cultural, historical and traditional background and knowledge about the language as well. This training is provided incorporating with super learning methodology. Our training cost is low-priced in respect of the facility and the quality we provide to the learners. We have well-equipped classrooms, experienced German language instructors, peaceful learning environment, and a private parking facility with no parking charges.

Before joining German classes you can take free orientation classes to know more about our teaching strategies. We would also assist you in finding the best colleges and universities in Germany for your further studies. Our experienced counsellors would suggest you in finding the appropriate educational institution in Germany.

You may choose to learn the German language for various reasons but where and how you can use the knowledge German language. Let’s find out why the German language will be beneficial for you.

Why German Language (Deutsch)?
Widely Spoken Language:

It is widely spoken language across Europe and is also the most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union. The German language is an official language of 3 countries, a co-official language of 7 countries and minority language of 5 countries. It is among the 10 most commonly spoken language in the world.

Largest Economy:

Germany is the fourth largest economy and top export nation in the world. So, if you are into business, you might want to learn German for enhancing your business prospects.

Learning Library:

Everything from music to medicine and philosophy has deep roots in the German language. Most of the western world’s masterpieces in almost every sector are and continue to be written in German. World greatest philosophers, thinkers, writers and scientist like Kant, Freud, Weber, Nietzsche, Hegel, Kafka, Schopenhauer, Einstein, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Brahms all spoke and wrote in German.

Are you looking to learn the Korean language inside Kathmandu? If yes then please do take time to visit Secured Life International to know more about the Korean language training course. We provide a specialized training program for candidates willing to learn Korean language (Hanguel).

The training course is designed for absolute beginners who have no knowledge of the Korean language. This course specializes in teaching the students to read, write and speak Korean words and make a complete sentence. The course will start from the basic Korean alphabets, vocabulary and gradually enhancing the learning of pronunciations, grammars and making sentences. Korean language is very scientific in nature and will be taught likewise in our institute.

We provide intense and quality training classes provided by professionals who are fluent in the language. The class size is small so as to accommodate limited students. The students will get plenty of face to face interaction time with the teacher. The teachers will assign class assignments and conduct test to measure the development of the students. The institute, in addition, will also provide hands out, training materials like books, CDs, and audio files.

What is the Objective of The Course?

The main objective of this training program is to develop fluency among the students in the Korean language. The training also aims to:

  • Teach the students Korean pronunciation.
  • Teach the students Korean grammar.
  • Teach the students how to greet in Korean.
  • Teach the students about Korean culture.

Who Can Join the Language Training Course?

  • Job seekers who are seeking job opportunities in Korea.
  • Students applying for abroad studies in Korea.
  • Candidates willing to learn the Korean language.
  • Candidates who are visiting Korea for travelling.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Hangeul.
  • Word particles
  • Verbs and adjectives
  • Past, present and future
  • Using honorifics
  • Korean language irregulars
  • Adverbs
  • Positive & negative sentences

Why Korean Language Course at Training Nepal?

  • Certified teachers to teach you
  • Free study materials
  • High success rates of past students
  • Free counselling
  • Training Nepal is listed as the top institute for language courses
  • Free wi-fi

Scope and Opportunity

Currently, there is a high workforce demand in South Korea; as a result of this many aspiring job seekers are migrating to Korea in search of a better job. The working condition in Korea is comparatively better than to countries in the Middle East and also the pay is good. And also there are a vast number of students who are applying to universities and colleges in Korea. In a survey taken in 2013, there are reportedly more than 22,000 Nepalese citizens working or studying in Korea. For, job seekers and students knowing the Korean language is a must. It is important that they possess the basic communication skill.